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Google AdWords: Pay Per Click Marketing on Google.

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Get your business at the top of Google instantly and get results like these Mint clients are already raking in!



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We work with budgets of all sizes, helping you grow your business, no matter what size you are


We work with budgets $600 to $100,000+ per month.
Your Google AdWords budget will be made up of two costs:

1. Media spend paid direct to Google 

2. Our strategic campaign management

We’ll advise you on the right spend based on your goals, your competitors and your industry.



How we’ve helped Oxygen Skincare to boost their online sales using Google AdWords




Whether you sell products online or you’re a service provider, well get you real results. Contact us to book in a free no obligation consultation.



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Google AdWords isn’t so much about spend, it’s about returns on your investment

As with all our campaigns, we aim to get yours to a ‘mature’ state. A mature state is when it no longer matters how much you spend on your marketing each month, because each dollar spent is turning a profit. As long as your team and stock levels can handle the sales coming in, together we’ll continue to scale your campaign for further growth.



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Measurable and transparent: Reports and analysis

One of the gifts that digital marketing has given us is the ability to track how well it’s performing and how good your ROI is.

We’re huge believers in transparency with Google AdWords and digital marketing in general. That means you know exactly what you’re paying for, the optimisations we do on your account each month, who on our team is running your AdWords account, and the results we’re getting for you.




How we’ve helped Online Vet Store to boost their online sales using Google AdWords



It’s working for Online Vet Store, and it will work for you too.

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Your reporting structure

For many of our clients, what works best is monthly reports via email and quarterly sit-downs with us where we review your overall strategy. In other cases, we need more from you and you need more from us. That means we get together on a more regular basis and discuss results, changes in your business/inventory.

Regular meetings also gives us an opportunity to pivot quickly and respond to changes to keep your spend optimised.



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Ally and Shayne In Sydney With Google

Premier Google AdWords Partners, earned through results we gain for our clients

Mint and Google go way back, but things got serious between us in 2015 when they announced us as one of few Premier partners in New Zealand. We earned this badge 1) through our retention of our clients and 2) our results we gain for our clients through Google AdWords. We get a huge amount of support from the Googlers as part of our partnership.

We’ve held events with them here in Christchurch, as well as in Sydney, Australia.

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A business growth led approach to digital marketing (and why most marketers fail)

The marketing gods put digital platforms on this earth for one reason: Business growth. We fanatically believe in - and see - digital marketing transforming businesses and growing their bottom line. Before we start your campaign, we make it our job to understand your business and your growth potential.

Your business story and goals form the basis of the campaign strategy that we put together for you. Most marketers ignore this groundwork and at best, their campaigns have short-lived success.

Are you geared for growth with Google AdWords? Contact us to book in a free no obligation consultation.


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What’s the cost of running Google AdWords?

Our campaign management starts at $650 per month with a minimum recommended spend of $600 per month. We manage campaigns of all sizes, from this smaller scale, through to $100,000 per month. Whatever the budget, AdWords should be an investment rather than a cost, with every dollar spent delivering a return.

What’s stopping my competitors clicking on my ads and wasting my budget?

Google has anti-fraud measures in place to prevent this and when it’s detected, the click prices are refunded to your account. If it is found that the fraudulent clicks are associated with another Google AdWords account, that account will likely be shut down or suspended.

Will it work for me?

If we don’t think Google AdWords will work for you, we won’t recommend a campaign with you. Our expertise is in high demand and short supply, and we only want our efforts to go to campaigns that work. If Google AdWords won’t work for you, we can suggest alternative campaigns that suit you.

How long do I have to sign up for?

We keep it flexible. While we don’t insist on 12 or even 6 month contracts, we do a have 3 month recurring structure. We find that we need at least 3 months to really get your campaign performing to our picky standards.

Why are clicks so expensive in my industry?

AdWords runs like an auction. Your competitors and industry peers are bidding on the clicks and this drives the cost up. Their bids reflect how valuable the clicks and leads are to them. Generally speaking, the market regulates itself: Low cost products and services have low click costs and likewise, higher value products and services have higher click costs.