Why choose Mint?

Highly intelligent, experienced, intrinsically motivated and ready to partner with you for your business growth.

"Transparency" and "measuring results" are two things you’ll hear a lot about in our sector. But to us, those things are “hygiene factors”, they're simply the basics. In our experience, what really counts is proactive approaches to account management, us fully understanding your business model and marketing opportunities, and frequent communication. We refer to these as our 3 pillars of performance.

Our 3 pillars of performance

Pillar one

Proactive approaches

People move to Mint because their old agency wasn’t proactive enough, and they stay with us because this is where we shine.

Our proactive approach means we bring creativity and problem solving to our work with you and we’ll never get in the trap of offering you ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

Pillar two

Understanding your business and your opportunities

Marketing performance starts with smart people who understand your business and where your opportunities lay. That’s why everyone you deal with in our team is trained in having business conversations and asking you the right questions.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that before we talk marketing, we’ll be probing you with questions about your business, your competitors and your opportunities.

Pillar three

Frequent communication

Within each project, we understand that there are times when frequent communication is needed, and times when you’re happy for us to get on and do our thing. 

We take special care to over-communicate in the first 90 days of marketing projects, and the first and final 10% of website projects, to make sure you’re up to date and comfortable.

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