Tips for integrating AI into your business

27 June 2023

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is moving at an unprecedented pace, which poses equal parts threat and opportunity to the business world.  There’s no doubt AI tools such as ChatGPT will help to increase productivity and get you ‘quick wins’, but where do you start? and what do you need to be aware of when introducing AI into your workplace? Here are our top tips for adopting AI.


Establish how and when it’s appropriate to use AI in your business

Firstly, consider establishing a memorandum that outlines how AI can be used in your business and what the future of your business looks like once AI is adopted more broadly in the years to come. Share this with your team, so that everyone understands how to appropriately use AI, and how and when it might not be appropriate to use it. 

Educate and encourage your team to get comfortable with it

Sharing helpful tips, tricks and hacks for using ChatGPT is an excellent way to acknowledge and make space for AI in the workplace. Maybe some of your team feel apprehensive about using AI or feel unsure of where to start. By learning and trialing these platforms together, you can help them to find ways to make it work for your business. 

Communicate with stakeholders

Consider if you need to, and how you should communicate your use of AI technology with your clients or stakeholders. Being transparent about your use of AI could save you in the long run. It may even raise interesting discussions and questions from your clients, providing you with the opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge in the space. 

Consider the impact of AI on your workforce

Lastly, but most importantly for our broader community, consider what the impact will be on your workforce. There is no doubt that in time, AI will replace some jobs or change job roles, just as technology before has done the same. As businesses, we should proactively plan for reskilling or upskilling employees, and communicate transparently about the changes to ensure a smooth transition.

There's no doubt the future of AI is exciting and filled with opportunities to learn and upskill. Yet, it can be overwhelming to know how and where to get started. We hope this has provided some actionable insight into how you can integrate AI into your business.

Gabby Terrell

Gabby has a true passion for content creation, with a particular flair for social media and copywriting. A top-notch communicator with a client-first focus, her knack for words and love for all things digital always create content gold.