Why you should be hashtagging in 2024

Why you should be hashtagging in 2024

29 February 2024

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Some say hashtags are as dead as side parts and skinny jeans.  but we're here to set the record straight! Hashtags are still the secret ingredient that add flavour to your social media success. I’m gonna tell you 3 reasons why.

First, hashtags are your golden ticket to reaching a wider audience. They categorize your content and connect you with users who are interested in specific topics. 

For example, when we use #DigitalMarketingNZ this helps connect us with users who are interested in or searching for Digital Marketing in New Zealand.

Secondly, hashtags create virtual meeting points for like-minded individuals. In fact, branded hashtags in particular are a great way to source User Generated Content. 

For example, the hashtag #Rubettes is used by NZ fashion powerhouse @Rubytakessnaps to encourage users to share themselves wearing Ruby clothes.

Lastly, hashtags provide valuable data on what resonates with your audience. You can get insights into trends, preferences, and behaviours. Instagram even allows you to track how many people found your post through hashtags.

So get hashtagging - and let us know how you get on!


Gabby Terrell

Gabby has a true passion for content creation, with a particular flair for social media and copywriting. A top-notch communicator with a client-first focus, her knack for words and love for all things digital always create content gold.