Could a team culture video help you attract new talent?

Could a team culture video help you attract new talent?

20 March 2023

Attracting your dream candidate is no easy task.

As an employer or job-seeker, it can be challenging to determine one's compatibility with a workplace. This is where a team culture video comes in as an effective tool to showcase what it's truly like to work for your company.

Incorporating a video starring our very own employees as ambassadors is a tool that has really helped us hire some exceptional talent over the past 12 months. 

People love to see 'people'. By highlighting your star players and asking them to share what they love about working at your company, you can provide valuable insights into your team's culture and enhance perceptions of trust and reliability for potential candidates.


Here’s why a team culture video can be a very worthwhile investment;

Provides an inside look into your company: A team culture video gives potential employees a glimpse into what it's like to work for your company. By showcasing your work environment, employees and company values, candidates can better understand if they align with your company and be inspired to apply for a role.

Showcases your commitment to your employees:  Demonstrating how your company values its employees and their contributions in a team culture video is really appealing to potential candidates. It highlights the perks and benefits of working at your company such as employee development, work-life balance and team events. 

Differentiates your company from competitors: It’s likely that your dream candidate is looking at multiple other job opportunities at once. A team culture video can help your company stand out from competitors by showcasing the unique aspects of your company culture. We have already discussed how impactful videos that tell a story can be, and the same applies for a team culture video.

Appeals to job seekers who prioritise company culture: Many job seekers today prioritise company culture and a positive work environment above all else when making job decisions. A team culture video is a standout in this department, as it truly communicates your culture to viewers. 

Overall, investing in a company culture video can be a highly effective way to attract individuals that align with your brand and vision. We recently refreshed our own team culture video - check it below!

Get in touch with our team today to hear more about our video services - we would love to help you capture your culture in video form.

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