Ban this phrase from your sales pitch

Ban this phrase from your sales pitch

25 August 2020


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Hi guys, 

I'm Alice the director of communications and one of the co-founders here at Mint. Our Covid-induced economic climate means that people are spending very conservatively, so you might be finding that you have to work a little harder for sales at the moment. Today, I've got a tip that I hope will make things a little easier.

Too often, when you ask a question during a sales process, the response you get is "it depends" and I want you to band this phrase from your sales pitch.

"it depends" is usually followed by general rationale that partially answers the question, but leaves way too much to the imagination. This is hugely unhelpful to a client. Really, it tells them nothing when they've asked you a reasonable question. And in fact, it patronises them because it states the obvious - of course it bloody depends!

Also, when you say "it depends", you rid yourself of a chance to showcase your expertise. 

I'm not advocating that there is a clear and simple answer to every question, and pieces of string do vary in length but there are more thorough and informative responses that we should be providing that help to demonstrate to your customer or your prospect that you have experience to draw from. 

So for example, when we build new websites, we often get asked things like "How long will that take?", or "How much does a website cost?".

Obviously, it does depend - for example, our website costs vary hugely - some are five thousand dollars and some very large projects have been over one hundred thousand dollars. Some take 4 weeks, others take six months or more. 

So what you could say instead of "it depends" is something along the lines of 'some of the things that we'd take into consideration are how much automation of processes the website needs to do, how many different audiences we need to cater for, if we need to integrate with other systems like Xero or a payment gateway, or how intricate the design needs to be'.

Now after hearing that, I bet you guys think I know a thing or two about building websites now don't ya? Hopefully!

So, after you've explained some of the factors that will influence the cost or the time required or whatever questions are being asked, that's a great time in the conversion to move into some questions about their needs. 

I hope this little tip helps - hold on to those leads that you have coming into the business, nurture them because like I said, right now it can be a little harder to get sales across the line. 

We know that this is a big challenge that a lot of businesses are facing right now so next month, we're teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce to run an event on the very topic of sales during economic disruption.

As usual, our team has some fantastic content coming and we love packing a room with people who are keen to learn and take things to the next level so we hope to see you there. Our events that we run with the Chamber are always raved about and we love running them so, keep an eye out for that. We hope to see you there.

Alice Moore

Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Alice is a content writer by trade and started her marketing-tech career working at a tech export startup. Alice has been responsible for million dollar digital campaign launches and sending email campaigns to global audiences of over 1 million people.

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