Are you marketing on billboards? Don't make these 3 mistakes

Are you marketing on billboards? Don't make these 3 mistakes

06 March 2023


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1. Unless it’s HUGE and up super high, don't pay for a billboard on the right-hand side of the road. 

Roadside billboards are better on the left so that the driver gets a clearer view. If they're on the right side of the road, they can be too far away to see, especially if there are multiple lanes of traffic. 

2. Keep that message short. 

Billboards are made to be quick bursts of essential information. Making it more complicated will dilute the message your brand is trying to send. If your billboard will be placed where people will be walking or crawling slowly in traffic, you can use a longer message. Here's one we did for Christchurch Casino which got placed in the Auckland departures lounge. Nice and simple messaging that gives people an idea to pay Christchurch Casino a visit if they're visiting the Garden City. 

3. Make your logo stand out.

Sometimes all we see is a beautiful image and a well-written message but we have no idea who's behind it! If you're Coca-Cola or Whittakers, this won't be as much of a problem for you because people recognise your brand with ease but this is particularly important if you're a smaller or newer brand that people are less familiar with.

Alice Moore

Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Alice is a content writer by trade and started her marketing-tech career working at a tech export startup. Alice has been responsible for million dollar digital campaign launches and sending email campaigns to global audiences of over 1 million people.