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Mitre 10 MEGA Ferrymead: Video marketing

Mitre 10 MEGA Ferrymead is one of the largest Mitre 10 stores in New Zealand. With an already highly trusted brand, they came to us looking for a marketing partner to increase local awareness and gain further market share in their local catchment area.

YouTube Marketing: Geo targeting for increased foot traffic

We created a series of videos that showcased key areas of the store that pulled in foot traffic including their extensive garden section, on-site Columbus Cafe and playground, and landscaping supplies. Using geo-targeting, we ran a campaign on YouTube to show these videos to people local to the store.

In just one month, we generated over 115,000 video views with 30,000 clicks or interactions with the video. Our talented team managed to get the cost per views down to just $0.02

In the community - it’s in their DNA

When a local kindergarten needed a hand with converting a donated shed into a horticultural classroom, Mitre 10 MEGA made it happen. Our videographer captured the day of the community coming together to make a 50-year-old shed into a modern teaching space. We used the video on Facebook and YouTube to help solidify brand trust and show the Ferrymead team getting among the local community.

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Miles on what it’s like to work with Mint

"When it comes to actual results, we’re seeing great uplift on visits to our website, customer counts and transactions on the website which is fantastic. The reports we get on a monthly basis are absolutely brilliant.”

- Miles Andrews, Senior Manager at Mitre 10 MEGA Ferrymead

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