Shore Travel

Shore Travel

A brand-new, user-friendly website built to simplify content distribution and consumption

Shore Travel and Mint Design share a love for planning, possibility and proactiveness. When they came to us keen to transform their website, we couldn’t wait to build them an environment that would enable them to continue being leaders in the travel industry.

About Shore Travel

Experts for over a decade, their well-travelled team have ridden the tumultuous wave of the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, and were one of the few companies to emerge in good shape. Their point of difference is curating the kind of tailored, unique trips that deliver long-lasting memories and stories clients share with friends and family for years to come.


Digital turbulence

Shore Travel’s current website and email marketing were hindering their exceptionally talented team from distributing the content they were capable of. They had strong in-house copywriters and expert website inventory, they simply needed the increased functionality and tools to match their potential.

A streamlined solution

We developed key solutions to help their team and their content distribution thrive, all linked together to create an easy to use product for both the in-house team and their clients alike. This included:

  • A new bespoke website: Shore Travel had a clear idea in mind aesthetically, which our expert team refined and executed
  • Improved functionality: The key website focus was on increasing user experience and functionality, to showcase their products and expertise in a customer-friendly way
  • Simplified CMS: Allowed the team to confidently add, remove and modify their website content without being reliant on an external supplier
  • Improved SEO: Content is only as good as the people it lands in front of. We developed stronger SEO to generate more organic traffic
  • Email Marketing Introducing ActiveCampaign allowed another touchpoint for the customer to receive the in-house team's quality content and inspire future booking

A website fit for purpose

We created an intuitive website architecture to help the user navigate to their desired information quickly and effectively. Shore Travel had a wide range of expertise and content to showcase, so the structure we developed enabled it to be explored as innately as possible for their clients.

Shore Travel Website

Set up for future success

The new website takes Shore Travel into post-pandemic travel and beyond, enabling them to continue serving customers high-quality experiences with confidence. 

The solutions we’ve developed for them have high usability, many touchpoints for their clients, and do a great job of efficiently distributing their quality content. Overall, the increased functionality allows them to continue being leaders in this space, proactively sharing their expertise and most up to date information in a very fluid industry.

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