Shine On

Shine On

Shine On - marketing women’s fashion in a highly competitive market 

Shine On is a multi-million dollar women’s clothing store - they have an online store, as well as 2 physical stores in Auckland, and one in Christchurch. Shine On grew organically through social media in their early years. Now as a mature brand with a large team, they came to Mint ready to invest in digital marketing to help aid their growth trajectory. 

Shine On operates in a highly competitive market with new competitors entering the market regularly. They knew they needed a sure bet for a digital marketing partner and came to us on a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Key highlights

(results so good they seem a bit unbelievable)

Numbers 4000

Since the beginning of our work together, Shine On received a ROAS (return on advertising spend) of up to 4,000% and had over 1.3 million new visitors to their site total.

Numbers 21054

During our 2020 Black Friday campaign achieved an ROI of 21,054%.

Numbers 18538

Our ‘End Of Summer’ campaign achieved an ROI of 18,538%.

Our advertising tactics and platforms:

Google Search Ads
Google Shopping Ads
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Programmatic banner advertising
Search engine optimisation

Omni-channel marketing support

Shine On have 3 physical stores across Auckland and Christchurch. Running an omni channel model is logistically complex, as is omni-channel marketing. To support their foot traffic, we captured 360 virtual tours using Google Street View technology. The virtual tours give viewers a self-guided walk-through of the space. Being a Google product, the tours also increase Shine On’s presence in Google My Business. 

360 Virtual tour of Shine On’s Christchurch store

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