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A homegrown success story, Greenstone Shop sell beautifully hand-crafted pounamu jewellery from their store in Ferrymead. Find out how they utilised digital marketing to achieve remarkable results including a 30% increase in YOY revenue.

A rare and sacred treasure, pounamu is an integral part of New Zealand culture, but finding authentic, well-carved pieces isn’t easy. Enter Greenstone Shop, a collaboration of Ngāi Tahu artisans who came together to bring pounamu jewellery to customers throughout Aotearoa.

Help, my website isn’t converting!

When Greenstone Shop approached us in 2021, they had been running a successful storefront in Ferrymead for 35 years and had recently launched a website to showcase their products. However, they were faced with a common problem - the website wasn’t converting visitors into customers. 

In theory, the website dramatically increased Greenstone Shop’s potential customer base. But in reality, the website wasn’t driving traffic or conversions. The team at Greenstone Shop knew they needed to invest in their online presence to help increase their revenue, but weren’t sure where to start.

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Making meaningful changes to increase revenue

In order to increase their online revenue, we knew that the Greenstone Shop website would need a multi-phase strategy. The website was already receiving some traffic, but those visitors were leaving empty-handed. In order to unlock revenue to invest in advertising, we first needed to ensure we could generate the maximum return from each site visitor. 

Before we set about increasing traffic, we first undertook an audit of the site to determine any weak points in the customer journey. We identified areas that could be improved in terms of function and flow, which would increase the likelihood of visitors making a purchase. 

Then, confident we had removed any roadblocks from the website, we began digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels aimed at increasing traffic.

A 30% revenue increase YOY through digital advertising

Within just a few months of working with our team, Greenstone Shop was already seeing results. Total website traffic was up by a whopping 339%, and revenue had increased by 161%.

Fast-forward to 2022, and the business's ongoing success shows no sign of slowing. Having enjoyed a healthy return on their investment, Greenstone Shop continues to partner with Mint Design for its monthly marketing and advertising activities. 

Our digital marketing team has established an ongoing advertising campaign which more than covers its own costs and continues to increase revenue a further 30% YOY. We’re now focused on identifying new opportunities to increase Greenstone Shop’s market share across both New Zealand and Australia.

“You have been wonderful to deal with and really helped our wee business grow to its best.”

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