Zagga: Innovative lending platform looking for a digital overhaul

Zagga is one of New Zealand’s largest peer-to-peer, property-secured investing platforms, providing both high-quality returns for investors, as well as much-needed funding for Kiwis left out in the cold by mainstream banking. They came to us wanting to digitally expand this fantastic offering.

About Zagga

With a record amount of Kiwis’ money tied up in term deposits which are barely keeping pace with inflation, Zagga has been growing quickly by providing an attractive alternative. Their market sweet spot is facilitating loans for people to whom the banks can’t lend, as opposed to those to whom the banks won’t lend. Overall, their platform works harder for those that fall victim to traditional banking's inflexible criteria and box-checking, by transparently pairing them with investors looking for more from their investments.

Prior to working with Mint, Zagga’s community had grown primarily through word of mouth. We stepped in by providing multiple digital touchpoints for potential customers, moving beyond a largely organic approach, and attracting a wider audience of investors.

Zagga Team

The Challenges

A fantastic product, expert voices, and evermore people getting involved, Zagga’s key challenge is maintaining and expanding their exponential growth. Digital marketing provides the perfect platform to test and scale a range of campaigns and marketing activities, to cultivate results that really matter for their business.

The Solution

For a business like Zagga, multiple digital solutions were required to garner the quality investor leads they were looking for. To achieve their goals, we added four tactics to their pre-existing customer journey;

  • Google Search campaign: We’ve created ads focused on getting in front of people who are searching for alternative investment options, or looking for general information around investing in New Zealand.
  • Gated content: We’ve set up a downloadable PDF investment guide, which is automatically delivered to the recipient’s email address.
  • Email automation: Following a download, we created an automated email marketing sequence that gradually builds trust with the audience, until they’re ready to become an investor. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation: We continuously test a range of alternative landing page layouts and copy to maximise the percentage of visitors who take the desired action.

We've also planned out a comprehensive roadmap for introducing new channels to Zagga's marketing mix over time, so their digital presence can grow alongside the company.

Zagga Digital solutions diagram

The Results

A combination of the above tactics came together to create two key results for Zagga;


An increase in brand awareness and trust within New Zealand, with a 182% increase in new users to the investors landing page.


Creating a reliable and scalable way of attracting new investors to the Zagga platform. It’s currently costing around 11% of the expected 12-month lifetime value to attract a new investor.

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