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Discover how a finely-tuned search campaign drastically cut down the cost-per-lead for, generating high-quality enquiries for residential sections in Christchurch.

For more than two decades, YourSection has been creating residential subdivisions in and around Christchurch, helping Cantabrians find the perfect location to build their dream home. With a sterling reputation, the next step in the company’s progression was to expand its reach, connecting more property buyers with thoughtfully designed sections.

The challenge:

Transforming traffic into sales

With an existing website in place, YourSection had identified that they were receiving a steady amount of online traffic. However, these weren’t translating into enquiries. had a clear goal - to turn traffic into enquiries and, ultimately, enquiries into sales. The team wanted more than just visibility; they were looking for a lead-generation strategy that expanded their database of potential customers. Importantly, it also needed to be seamless and straightforward to use so that the leads could be handed over to their sales team to convert.



The solution:

Maximising visibility within a targeted audience

In order to unlock the full potential of YourSection’s existing traffic, we undertook a multi-tiered approach, incorporating an upgraded website, keyword optimisation and digital marketing.

Delving into YourSection’s target demographic, we created a keyword optimisation strategy that was highly targeted to specific audiences. Instead of focusing on broad terms like “subdivision”, we narrowed down a list of search terms that were “high intent”, thereby increasing the effectiveness of advertising spend. 

Not only were those keywords used across the website and in advertising, but they were also aligned with our brand bidding campaign. Bidding on this small but effective pool of targeted keywords ensured YourSection’s presence at the top of the search results for those keywords, outranking competitors.

Finally, with an updated, easy-to-use website in place, we were better able to capitalise on that increased traffic, turning clicks into enquiries.

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The results:

Quality leads and huge database growth

By replacing a blanket “catch-all” advertising campaign with Mint Design’s hyper-focused approach, we created tangible and transformational results in just six months.

We were able to slash the advertising cost of acquiring each new lead by more than half, dramatically improving online marketing spend. Alongside this, the quality of the leads was improved, increasing the conversion rate.

Our digital marketing strategy also had a positive effect on the brand’s database, which grew exponentially through 2020. The larger database created additional opportunities to reach and convert new customers.

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