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High-quality leads and increased brand awareness

Texco partnered with Mint Design to address two major objectives - high-quality leads and increased brand awareness. Our well-crafted Google Ads and Facebook campaigns surpassed their expectations of what could be achieved in just three months.

Texco is a leading New Zealand-based provider of excavating, drilling, and piling services. With a focus on delivering exceptional service quality, Texco has been steadily expanding its customer base but saw the potential that increasing brand awareness could have in its business-to-business niche.

The challenge:

How to increase leads when you’re flying under the radar

Texco had a strong reputation with its existing clientele for being a reliable provider of excavation services. Expanding organically over time in line with their capacity, Texco enjoyed steady growth, but was ready to take the business to the next level.

While brand awareness hadn’t been a core focus in the past, it was now essential in order to scale the business. Texco needed to get in front of a new audience and become a familiar name that would be considered for upcoming projects. By raising their profile with the target audience, leads would follow.



The solution:

A two-pronged digital marketing strategy

Having identified the end goal (increased leads) and the path of least resistance to get there (improved brand awareness), Mint Design devised a marketing strategy to address Texco’s needs.

For brand awareness, a targeted social media campaign was launched on Facebook, aimed at the specific demographics and interests that aligned with Texco’s B2B audience. In tandem, a search marketing campaign was built on Google Ads, targeting potential customers in the South Island who were looking for the services that Texco offers.

The results:

It’s all about the website traffic

The two campaigns led by Mint Design outperformed expectations. The Google Ads initiative achieved a click-through and conversion rate that surpassed the industry standard 5%. In terms of brand awareness, reach increased by 75% over a three-month period, with an accompanying 89% rise in link clicks.


Average new leads per month


Reach increase in Q4 2020

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