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Virtual tours as a sales tool throughout the customer journey.

While Ryman caters to older people looking for retirement villages and aged care, their marketing audience is typically younger: Sons and daughters aged 30-60 who are looking for options for their parents. 

We created a series of virtual tours for Ryman Healthcare and their 35 retirement villages so that anyone can look at rooms and facilities without leaving their home. This gave Ryman a competitive advantage over other retirement villages, especially when people were looking remotely from around New Zealand, or even offshore. 

Virtual tour of Linda Jones Retirement Village

Prospects can easily navigate through the tour themselves, or sales consultants can guide users over the phone, offering a personalised virtual tour of the spaces. So far, the tour of Linda Jones Retirement Village has had over 23,500 views. 

Virtual tour of Linda Jones Retirement Village

Exclusive provider for virtual tours 

We’ve partnered with Ryman as their exclusive provider of virtual tours, and to date have captured 25 of their 35 properties. Our photographer, Matt loves travelling throughout New Zealand to get the tours captured.

Sales support of every stage of the buyer journey

Deciding on a retirement village is generally a long decision making process: Buyers go from the initial consideration phase, this might be sparked by an elder parent losing some mobility, having a fall at home, or losing their spouse. In this consideration phase, they're discovering available options and asking the top-level questions about how life in a retirement village works, what costs there are and the levels of care available.


Within this consideration phase, our virtual tours give prospects a hyper-visual feel of what’s available. 

Moving through the latter stages of the buyer journey, prospects shift from those big-picture questions to comparing options on a detailed level: What facilities are available such as pools, tennis courts and theatres? They also need practical information: How far will my parent have to walk to get from their room to the dining room? Our virtual tours answer these questions and aid in their decision making process.

Future-proofed for when things change

Ryman is continuously upgrading their villages and adding new facilities such as theatre rooms, stores and salons. We’ve captured their virtual tours so that when things change, we can easily update a single area of the virtual tour, with no need to re-capture the entire tour, keeping the costs low and the logistics simple.

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