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As a leader in New Zealand's housing industry, Milestone Homes rode the high during the housing booms of 2021 and 2022. While content with their strong market position, a shift in the landscape led them to seek a new direction.

Established in 2003, Milestone Homes was created when a group of passionate builders joined forces, combining their knowledge and experience to build beautiful, functional homes for New Zealanders.  They came to Mint for support creating new systems that would streamline their processes and maximise the potential in every lead.

The challenge:

Keeping ahead of the changing market

Like most businesses in the construction industry, in 2021/22, Milestone Homes enjoyed two particularly strong years of sales. However, the combination of a cooling housing market and increasing interest rates triggered an unexpected flip in the market in early 2023.

In a fiercely competitive environment, every lead now needed to be nurtured. Milestone wanted to make sure their sales team had the capacity to focus their efforts where they were most in demand, while ensuring that tentative enquiries were kept open through automation.

The solution:

Streamlining with HubSpot workflows

Following our proven process, the Mint team conducted interviews with Milestone stakeholders, seeking to understand the company’s goals, challenges, opportunities, audience and processes. From there, we began the task of integrating HubSpot workflows to automate Milestone’s lead management process. Hubspot automation allowed us to pre-qualify leads at the first point of contact based on their likelihood to convert.

To ensure effective use of the marketing budget, we used data analytics to adapt Milestone's offerings according to location and target audience metrics. Running “Metro” and “Country Range” campaigns, we ensured that the product line being advertised was relevant to the standard plot size available in different regions.

We also launched a “90 With Nigel” campaign designed to differentiate the brand in a competitive market. The series of short videos helped to increase awareness, positioning Milestone Homes as a credible, authoritative and approachable name in the industry.


The results:

More time, more leads, more revenue

With the sales team dedicating their time to nurturing high-quality leads, we significantly reduced the time taken up by administrative tasks while increasing conversions. The marketing budget saw an excellent return on investment thanks to the data-driven approach. 

With active campaigns and integrations still underway, the best is yet to come for Milestone Homes. And we’re proud to be at their side.

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