Godfreys Law

Godfreys Law

Optimising leads for those that need real legal solutions

We’ve worked with Godfreys Law for many years, previously building their website, and most recently managing their Google ads, remarketing campaigns, and their SEO.

Godfreys Law are experts in family law, serving Cantabrians for over 150 years. They pride themselves on being real people, who provide real legal solutions.

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Optimising for the changing digital space

The key issue for Godfreys Law is the highly competitive market which in turn is pushing the Google Ads keyword prices upwards. We came up with a plan to ensure they were staying optimised in the ever-changing digital space. Alongside this, as with any professional service, the major challenge was keeping the quality of leads high and cost per customer acquisition low.

The Mint team are great to deal with - great ideas, delivered on time and all at good prices. Thanks for your awesome service.

- Phil Sewell, Partner, Godfreys Law

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Working towards a solution

Our mutual goal was to not only increase leads, but to increase the quality of leads. For a while they were receiving many phone calls, but not for actionable work - therefore creating an unnecessary drain on their resources. We worked towards these goals via keyword optimisation in Google AdWords.

We also met this goal by agreeing on a maximum budget for acquiring new clients, based on what Godfreys Law knew their average client was worth to them financially.  Over the past year we've been able to attract new clients for just 42% of our maximum agreed value, meaning less money heading to Google, and more money to be used elsewhere in their business.

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