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Leveraging the power of Google Ads

Dawny Adventure Club achieved an unprecedented sell-out within just two months. Find out how a tailored marketing strategy catapulted this eco-friendly brand to success.

Founded in 2018 by owners Moira and Ash, Dawny Adventure Club is on a mission to curtail single-use plastic bottles while ensuring customers have temperature-perfect beverages for every adventure. With a focus on eCommerce sales and attracting wholesalers, they approached Mint Design in January 2023 for support in extending their online reach.

The challenge:

Scaling in a competitive market

With a great range of vacuum-insulated drink bottles, Dawny Adventure Club was a stable business that had successfully weathered five years of ups and downs. However, they recognised the need for a more aggressive digital strategy to meet their long-term goals for growth.

While they had started building online momentum through their eCommerce site, it was falling short of reaching their ambitious targets. Their advertising lacked the efficiency and scale to make a meaningful impact, and they were eager to reach a broader audience without inflating their marketing spend.



The solution:

Multichannel impact with Google's Performance Max

The team at Mint Design met with founders Moira and Ash to explore Dawny Adventure Club's objectives and goals, ensuring we fully understood how best we could offer our support. Off the back of this conversation, we recommended implementing Google's Performance Max campaigns.

With machine-learning capabilities that optimised ad placements across Google's ecosystem—from YouTube and Google Search to the Display Network - we felt that Performance Max would offer the business the most immediate results.

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The results:

From stocked to sold out in just two months

Two months into the campaign, the impact was unmistakable. Dawny Adventure Club sold out of every item that had previously been in stock, necessitating a pause on all advertising efforts until new stock could be procured.

The results were phenomenal and highlighted just how effective targeted online visibility can be, particularly for an e-commerce store. For Moira and Ash, the success surpassed expectations and marked a milestone in their business journey.

Moving forward, Dawny Adventure Club plans to continue their partnership with Mint Design to optimise and scale their future campaigns, further solidifying their market presence.

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