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Our own one-to-one training course for business owners:

How to Create and Apply a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Demystify digital marketing and empower yourself for greater ROI!

In our years as marketers, a few things have become very clear to us. One of those is the fact that the majority of business owners are a little intimidated by marketing tasks, especially digital marketing. We designed a high impact course that delivers you one-to-one training that demystifies the jargon in digital marketing.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be equipped to create and apply a customised online marketing strategy that will boost your online presence and deliver ROI to your business.


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Course highlights: What are you in for? How is it delivered?

  • Easy-commitment 2 hour training sessions at our offices
  • You set the pace (recommended between 3 and 6 months)
  • Course content is catered to your business needs
  • Delivered direct to you and/or your team, no classroom or crowds!
  • Get up to 50% off the cost of the course funded through the Regional Business Partners Network.



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The Basics

We’ll start with some essential groundwork: Identifying your 6 Ps of marketing: Product, price, promotion, process, people, and place.


Identifying the best online platforms for your business: Google, Facebook, email marketing, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. You’ll gain practical how-to's for using these platforms to best represent your business.


Getting clicks to your website is easy, getting conversions is the real magic.

We’ll give you the 101 on online conversion principles so that every dollar you spend on your marketing delivers more value.


Google Analytics: What the reports you get actually mean and how to use data to make better business decisions.

Copy That Sells

How to write website content that jumps off the page and sells your products and services.

User Experience

Crafting landing pages that serve your customers and your bottom line.


Your learning outcomes:

At the completion of your course you’ll come away with:

  • Digital marketing knowledge that prevents you from pouring money down the drain with the wrong marketing platforms.
  • Fundamentals that will assist in the roll-out of your campaigns and ongoing marketing efforts
  • Which social media platforms your business will benefit from, which ones you can ignore, and how to manage these channels
  • What your monthly Google Analytics reports actually mean
  • How to improve your website content for increased sales


Ready for a marketing strategy that will deliver true ROI?



Your trainer: Shayne Moore, CEO of Mint Design

Shayne has been an internet marketing entrepreneur since he was a child when the Internet arrived in New Zealand in the mid 1990’s.

Money came easy and Shayne’s parents were as impressed as they were puzzled. Since his early days, the internet has become an incredibly competitive place for making money and driving business sales. Yet, Shayne continually evolves his best practises so that  he can apply them to his own business interests, as well as his clients. 

Get a piece of Shayne’s expertise.




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