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With Facebook marketing, you can reach new audiences, engage with your existing customers and run campaigns that will deliver results fast.



Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook page setup and management

Setting up and managing your Facebook page is something that’s often left at the bottom of the priority list. Let us take care of it by setting up your page to follow best practices. When it comes to keeping your page up to date, we’ve got you covered.

We can either create a social strategy that you can DIY or we can put you on our monthly management packages. With either option, you’ll have posts that resonate with your audience, promote customer loyalty and champion your brand!

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Facebook’s advanced audience targeting (so good it’s creepy)

Have you ever been on Facebook and felt as though your mind was being read? Just this morning you mentioned to a colleague that you’re having trouble getting enough sleep at night, next thing you know, Facebook is showing you ads for sleep remedies.

We can’t confirm whether the rumours are true that Facebook listens to conversations to determine what ads to present to you, but we can help you maximise your opportunities for your ads to be seen by the right people. We have access to agency tools that go well beyond the Facebook Boost button functions that you might be used to.

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Facebook campaign management


Launching a new product? Need to bring awareness to social change or promote your offering? We can help with a targeted campaign that gets your offering in front of the right audience. You set the budget, tell us who you want to get in front of and we’ll advise you of options. Typically these campaigns include:

Designing advertisements

Creating landing pages on your website

Writing compelling ad content

Strategising and managing your campaign


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Split testing for optimal results

Split testing or A/B testing allows us to run real time tests to see which ad variants are getting the best results for you. We might test things like different headlines, different images and different calls to action. Once we’ve determined a winner, we use that ad set to roll out the remainder of your campaign. In some cases, split testing has increased campaign performance by 61%.



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Facebook video marketing: Bring your business to life


Facebook video adverts enable you to show off your business’ personality and points of difference, or get specific by honing in on product features or case studies.

In a world of extremely short attention spans, video is one of the best ways to engage with new and existing audiences.

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Facebook remarketing

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘remarketing’ you’ll be familiar with how it works; you visit a website then you start being followed by ads for that particular brand or business.

Setting this up is cost-effective and it absolutely gets results. We can tailor a strategy to you and your audience.

Worried about your ads being annoying? We can determine how often someone can see your ads and how long they appear for. We can be as relaxed or aggressive as you like.

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