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Oakfields is a new subdivision in the Amberley region of Canterbury, offering a serene and peacful lifestyle for land owners. When approaching the Oakfields campaigns, we worked closely with Brooke (Oakfields' salesperson), to gain a proper understanding of the brand. We found that most enquiries and sales of the first two sections had been made by people aged 60 - 80, eager to settle into the relaxed rural vibe. 

With this in mind, we had two separate demographics to target - those ready for retirement, and to a higher scale, adults researching retirement plans and locations for their parents. 

Our campaigns for Oakfields included both Facebook and Google AdWords branding and awareness ads, and full remarketing campaigns. Remarketing ads are the ads that seem to follow you around the internet - we can track who's been on certain sites, and target their ads to these people to bring them back.


Oakfield's target demographic aren't avidly on social media, therefore we thought to change up that target to the people who want what's best for their parents. Our campaigns for Oakfields were run across the Google Display Network on websites that mentioned themes around retirement or retirement planning, to target Gen X'ers researching retirement for their parents. Ads directly targeting Baby Boomers themselves were run across websites such as trademe.co.nz and stuff.co.nz.

After looking into the real estate market and the mentality behind high investment purchase decisions, we decided against Instagram for this campaign. Whilst good for branding, Instagram is rarely a good pusher for high investment sales. Facebook and the Google Display Network proved to be a great decision, leading to over 2000 clicks to the Oakfields site.


For our latest Oakfields campaign, we took to looking at the entire user experience, from ad click to landing page. 

After reviewing the existing landing page for Oakfields, we decided on creating a whole new landing page experience for our audience. We created pages with a fresh, well branded feel, and clear calls to action, making sure that people knew where they could register their interest. 

We also created multiple variants of these landing pages to split test results, and see where the most engagement was coming from.


Thanks for all your help this year, don't know how we would have managed without Mint Design!
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