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Fit Futures provide a leading personal training course all over New Zealand. Online components are a key part of their learning resources, so it was important to them that their web presence was top-notch. They came to us to build their website, and develop a comprehensive AdWords campaign to go alongside it.

Fit Futures had a very clear goal in mind - to increase enrollments in their course. They also knew that once they chatted to people on the phone, those people were much more likely to enroll. So we designed the Fit Futures website with one purpose in mind: to meet their goal, by getting potential customers to make contact.


The sleek design, bold colours of the site, and targeted copywriting help to direct people through to 'Take The Next Step' - leaving their details so the Fit Futures team can get in contact.


We also began a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign to ensure the site was getting plenty of traffic. We achieved this through a combination of eye-catching Display ads, and a Search campaign targeted to a very specific audience. We also ran a Facebook marketing campaign to encourage brand awareness, and ensure they were well-represented in a social context.

Within six months, we were able to send Fit Futures' brand awareness through the roof, with almost 3.5 million views of their ads.

Their AdWords campaigns combined with the streamlined website created by our team also saw an increased number of contacts start rolling in. We were able to generate and track over 300 contacts who registered their interest in finding out more about what Fit Futures had to offer. This is an incredible result and demonstrates just how effective this combination of web and marketing can be.


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From the start Mint were enthusiastic, helpful and responsive. The design and layout of the site exceeded our expectations. We strongly recommend Mint Design to anyone wanting an attractive, easy-to-use website and a great provider and host to deal with.
- Kelly-Ann Harvey-Vernon -