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Female Federation are an all-women's gym, but they're not at-all like typical women's gyms in the marketplace: It's for strong women who are committed to a lifetime of fitness. Members can kick-start their fitness journey with #FemFed or carry on their lifelong love for health and fitness. 

#FemFed take a holistic approach to women's health, offering group fitness, a full gym, massage and beauty services, as well as nutrition services.


We worked with Meg of #FemFed to create a logo with a feminine edge, without the cliches. Together, we decided on a beautiful aqua blue and clean, modern typography that is evocative of Vogue and other strong female brands. Meg also selected a modern, elegant take on the female slasher icon.


Once the logo was finalised, we gave Meg all the files for print so she had full access to using them as she pleased. We then designed up some 10 day passes, a huge component in their marketing campaign. We also designed up some gift vouchers that Meg and the team could use.


When the time came to get #FemFed online, we started by defining the business goals. What does that brand want to grow? Who's the target audience? 

We then defined two user audiences: Prospective members and active members. Both these audiences have specific needs while on the website. We designed a website that catered to both user journeys. We also added some beautiful HTML animations to give the website some added movement and flair.


Keeping in touch with members is crucial for engagement, offering value and maximising retention. We designed the Female Federation team an email template that looks great and helps them communicate with members in a professional platform. 


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The team at Mint Design have understood exactly what I wanted from our very first meeting, and delivered my final product to the highest standard. I simply couldn't recommend them more.
- Meg Bolderston -