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Oxygen is a Nelson based organic skincare brand that actually cures problem skin (no joke, the ladies here at Mint are now devout followers!).

Oxygen came to us with the groundwork sorted. They had a website, a brand and beautiful product packaging. What they needed was a strengthened online presence.

Google marketing: The rocket science of digital marketing

While there is plenty a brand can DIY in their marketing, Google marketing isn’t on the list.

Good Google marketing requires a full team of experts: A strategist, a creative and an executor. The Jack of All Trades solution doesn’t cut it and that’s why we’ve got our team working on their Google AdWords campaign and delivering exciting results that drive ROI and occasionally get them apologising to customers for being out of stock. Whoops!

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Facebook marketing

It all starts with an audit: We assessed what Oxygen was doing well and where they could improve, then provided a report to them. That’s the easy bit sorted.

Next, we had to take their Facebook marketing to the next level with some pay per click marketing on Facebook. We focused on doing something they can’t do themselves: Targeting the ads to their target audience gender, age group and interests.

The results? Increased reach to the right people.


Our collaboration with them meant a 343% increase in online sales from pay per click advertising.

Hear it straight from Liv, Oxygen’s Brand Manager.



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Nothing but raving reviews for the team at MINT Design, they have been an asset to the growth of our eCommerce platform and brand awareness. The MINT team haven't squashed us with unrealistic budgets for a small business but instead have worked with us as we grow and increase the return on our investment.

Not to mention they're a super friendly bunch who go above and beyond.

Olivia-Rose Oldham, Brand Manager
Olivia-Rose Oldham, Brand Manager

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