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Flip Out is a global brand in trampoline and entertainment parks. They’re all about having fun and making people’s lives better.

We work with Flip Out on their presence in Google and their social media marketing.

Previous to working with us, Flip Out’s marketing was at the mercy of a ‘Jack of all trades’ marketer.

The singular approach doesn’t cut it today: Instead, you need an expert team made up of individuals who are highly skilled in their key areas.

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Search Engine Optimisation: 893% increase in organic/unpaid traffic over 3 months

As a result of website updates and a huge effort in social media marketing, we helped their organic SEO go from 2,581 hits to 25,640 hits.

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Competed Online Bookings: 529% increase over 3 months

Prior to us taking over the Flip Out marketing campaign, they were getting around 55 completed bookings each month. We increased that number to 350 per month.

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Social Media Traffic to Website: 173% Increase over 3 months

The Flip Out brand and social media go together like roast lamb and mint sauce.

We worked with the nationwide Flip Out parks to ramp up their social media marketing by giving them content to post each month. We worked with parks, encouraging them to always add their own local spin to the content we provided.

The results? Stacks of reach and engagement of Facebook but most importantly, an increase of 173% of people coming to the website from the social media channels.

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