Ear Hygiene Clinic

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The Ear Hygiene Clinic are a wonderful group of registered nurses who keep Christchurch’s ears healthy through gentle and effective wax removal.

Not exactly glamorous but these ladies sure know what they’re doing!

SEO campaign highlights:

75.37% increase in website bookings

Ranking in #1 spot in Google for ear cleaning, ear wax removal and professional ear cleaning

Ranking in top 4 spots in Google for their top 10 keywords

And best of all, a new nurse hired to keep up with demand!


When EHC came to us, they brought a website that wouldn’t be out of place on Antiques Roadshow (Web Edition).

It had some good content but needed an overhaul of the design and the technology behind it. Check out their before and after below, or view their website here.

Does your website design need an overhaul?

Let’s get together and throw around some ideas.