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A Family business with a world-class offering

Our first meeting with Akaroa Dolphins was like a charming first date; we hit it off in every way, sparks were flying and ever since, we’ve loved working together with them.

Akaroa Dolphins truly help to put Akaroa on the luxury travel map. Their nature cruises are a comfortable and indulgent experience for discerning travellers.

Dolphins are the star of the Akaroa Dolphins show, but along the way, guests will enjoy seeing a range of wildlife and experience truly fabulous good old fashioned Canterbury hospitality.

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Website design upgrade

Akaroa Dolphins came to us with a website that ‘did the job’ but didn’t quite reflect their truly special offering.

We took them from a basic template to custom design that allowed us to tell the story of their brand and help prospective customers to understand the real value of their cruises. Along with the design and build of the website, we completed a full overhaul of their website content, carefully crafting a new headline and body copy that jumps off the page.


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It has been such a wonderful process. Thank you for the amazing job you and the team have done. I'm sooooooo thrilled!

Julia Waghorn, Akaroa Dolphins
Julia Waghorn, Akaroa Dolphins
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Wow, wow, and wow. You should have seen me when I first looked on my iPhone. Talk about magic. If I was near Humphreys Drive you would all be getting hugs.


Pip Waghorn, Akaroa Dolphins
Pip Waghorn, Akaroa Dolphins

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