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Cycleways are a bike shop with a subtle but crucial difference: Their entire team actually love to ride bikes! That passion shines through when they help customers pick their first bike, or upgrade to a new bike. They're also diligent when it comes to servicing their customer's bikes for pre-race checks and for general maintenance. Here's how we helped Cycleways take their brand and online presence to the next level.


Cycleways came to us with an older website that was in need of an update. Their old website was difficult to update, it wasn't mobile friendly and had an outdated layout. 

We refreshed their entire website and installed SilverStripe content management system so they could do their own updates. We updated the overall navigational structure of the website to make it easy for customers to book a service and/or explore Cycleway's product offering. We make it mobile friendly and bought the design forward.


Even in a digital age, there's still a place for print collateral. We designed Cycleways reusable swing tags for their in-store sales, along with new letter heads for printing out receipts and invoices. We also added a modern touch - the hashtag #WeRide - a new concept we came up with together to help carry their tone of voice throughout their online and print branding. 


Following the upgrade of their website, we put together a plan to help get more traffic to the website. We used Google and social media marketing to attract the right audience and convert more sales.  Compared to the year prior, we saw an increase of 48% in traffic to their website. But traffic is the easy part - what we really strive for in conversions. We achieved a 137% increase in web enquiries and a 650% increase in the number of people booking their services online. 


Cycleways had an existing Facebook page but it lacked strategy and posts were irregular. We inspired the team to really give their Facebook page some love: We created a Women's Riding Group where women who love cycling and want to get into cycling can talk to others and get into it. We also planned regular posts to keep their content fresh. Using our unique software, we enabled Cycleways to easily create their own beautiful images to post on their page. They increased their reach and engagement and overall, we saw a massive 2,973% increase in the number of people who visited their website from Facebook. 

View the video below to see how Matt feels about the results we've got him.


I contacted Mint Design to help with our marketing. From that very first conversation,
they got what we were about and where we needed to be.
- Matt Bailey -