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Employer Brand Health Check

01 Jun 2021
Here at Mint we have the privilege to work alongside some great kiwi businesses and help solve their marketing problems. And during that process we often hear about their challenges...

What is Authentic Engagement?

09 Mar 2021
Whenever you get advice for how to run your social media strategy, one of the things you’ll always hear is that you need “authentic engagement” and to “spark a conversation”...

How 2020 changed online consumer behaviour

28 Feb 2021
Looking back to the start of 2020, digital transformation dominated the agendas of Kiwi businesses. The massive impact of COVID-19, and the resulting lockdown, has undoubtedly acted as a catalyst:...

A Quick Fix For Writer's Block

28 Feb 2021
Written communication and writing compelling headlines are critical to any marketer.

And when it’s time to sit down and do this, your number 1 nemesis is writer’s block.

I’ve been playing with...

Awareness vs. Performance Marketing

15 Feb 2021
Awareness and performance marketing have a symbiotic relationship–neither can perform optimally without the other:
Awareness marketing doesn’t work well in isolation as there’s often not a strong enough call-to-action for people...