Virtual Reality Marketing - Why It's Blowing Up

18 Oct 2018

VR and 360 videos have been taking off over the past few years, and we’ve seen plenty of brands get on board. But why are people getting all up in arms about it? 


It's Accessible

Since being released in 2016, virtual reality has developed monumentally. Initially, to be able to access other worlds you'd need a bulky headset valued at some ridiculous amount. Nowadays, your smartphone is all you need to take you to a whole new world, making VR more accessible for everybody.


Changing The Way Of Storytelling

360 videos put your customers right where you want them, fully immersing them. It ups the game for marketers and storytelling. Using 360 videos to your advantage, your customers can lose themselves in your world and be wholly absorbed in your story.

We can now put your customers in your store, let them explore your gym, or relax in your hotel, you name it, VR can put you there. With immersive VR you can push past static images and deliver a truly unique experience. Letting them be part of your story.


Flaunt Your Product And Experience

With VR, there are no sneaky marketing techniques. It gives customers a virtual experience that lets them know what they’re missing out on. VR marketing makes them want to experience what you’ve got on offer, a bit like a try before you buy technique.

Have you ever been to Hobbiton? Well, now you can experience their world through this Snapchat portal. Rather than using regular video, the virtual reality portal puts you right in the Hobbiton Movie Set. Showcasing the experience you get in their world.


Increase Engagement - And Conversions!

As people, we remember and recall far more of what we experience compared to what we see. Your brand’s message or story is more likely to be retained when it’s in an immersive environment like VR.

Standard videos leave room for distractions, but 360 video - people don’t want to blink in case they miss it. There’s no denying that virtual reality and 360 video is a cool piece of technology, and because of that people have fun using it!


At Mint, we’ve gone one step further and hijacked the bandwagon, putting our Minty twist on VR and 360 videos.

If you have been nosy enough to explore our new site you may have stumbled across our new virtual tour platform. It's our Mint-made 360 experience that lets your customers explore your store, hotel or gym space from any device.

We’ve been loving immersive reality lately, and with it snowballing it's the perfect time to latch on and exploit it for your marketing.