The Impact of a Virtual Tour on Your Small Hotel

25 Apr 2019

Your hotel is the result of countless hours of your hard work come to life. It makes sense that you'd want to market your investment effectively. But are your standard still images doing your hotel justice?



While the idea of someone virtually walking through the doors of your hotel may seem trivial, their marketing effectiveness is proven. When used on your website, these 360-degree virtual tours actually help keep guests online and engaged for longer. When used on social media, they can provide additional context to guests who have already booked (such as car-park location) or additional reasons to book for potential guests.

Virtual tours are especially helpful when used on Google, it's a powerful platform for small hotels, people look for all kinds of information when choosing a hotel and providing answers to all of their questions puts you at a considerable advantage over your competition. If your virtual tour is added into Google Street View, potential guests can even find themselves walking down the street at their holiday destination and ending up looking around your hotel.

There are many other tangible benefits with virtual tours: Guests can use them to understand where their car will be parked, what accessibility features you have, and any other queries they may have that you may not have answered directly on your website.

When it comes to smaller hotels, you may not have the exposure you’re looking for like the larger brands do, what virtual tours do is go beyond just reading information and seeing photographs, they allow potential guests to take a step inside and look around.
Radian of Coleraine Suites



The beauty of virtual tours lies in their ability to capture your unique style and allow guests to make choices based on these. If you’ve got an exciting concept or a unique location, let people step in and see it in all its glory. Maybe you’re a hotel on a beach, you feature art pieces by a local artist you love, or you have a unique twist that stands out - seeing these aspects in a 360° virtual tour will encourage potential guests to book with you. Virtual tours not only highlight your brand but strengthen it, allowing you to sell and promote something you’ve already got.

Radian of Beachfront Hotel 


We get it. You want photographs, too. There are still many great reasons to have a collection of high quality still shots to use across social media and any location your hotel is shown online. Using stills from the shoot, you’ll get high-quality photography along with the eye-catching virtual 360-degree tours. It’s a win-win.



While it may sound elaborate, creating these 360-degree virtual tours is actually quite simple. It’s one shoot, two hours, and has minimal disruption to your hotel - most of our heavy work is done in post-production, saving you the hassle of closing areas or blocking out rooms. After the shoot is over, you’ve got a wealth of information and imagery to use across all of your channels. You’ve got website content, content for digital marketing, and you’ve given people the ability to explore your hotel.

The more content your hotel has on Google, the better your marketing will be. Not only can it answer many questions from guests, but it can be used on sales calls, to assist with planning special events, and to upsell customers who may have been coming to your hotel for other features.


Times are changing, and we’re here to help. Virtual tours can open up a whole new door for your business, both virtually and literally. Will you answer the “knock?”



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