Mint Design Handpicked For Exclusive Google Partner Event

07 Jul 2018

Mint Design is super excited to announce that our Google partnership has become even stronger...

We've been handpicked to join the Google team in Sydney for a one-off event specialising in online marketing for 2017!

Our premier partnership with Google is a highly valued relationship, and we're honoured at being invited 'over the ditch' for this special event.

Our social media mogul Alice will be discussing social platforms in depth, recommending the best to use for businesses in 2017, and answering the important questions such as: 'should Twitter be given the flick?' and 'does Instagram boost sales?'

We'll also be helping businesses discover the latest trends and insights within the digital marketing industry, and inform them on how working with a Google Partner can benefit their business and maximise their success.

Mint Design will also be offering one on one consultations with businesses in Sydney, to help them make the most of their 2017 online marketing.

Now, we realise our Kiwi friends and business owners are unlikely to fly to Sydney to hear us deliver alongside Google, but if you'd like to be informed if an event like this happens in Christchurch, simply register your interest below.

We'll make sure to keep you in the loop for any future (local) events.


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