The summer holidays are so close, we can count down the days on one hand (if you're the people that have already begun your summer holidays, good for you, and please don't rub it in)!

But how do you relax in the holidays? Are you one of those business minded people who just find it ridiculously hard to switch off or to disengage from a current project? Are you constantly thinking about your company 24/7?

If you're one of those people, the word 'holiday' is nothing but a laugh. "Haha! A holiday, you say? What is that?"

Team Mint are here to help you! Not only are we experts in AdWords, web design, graphic design and Google Street View Tours, but we also consider ourselves pioneers in the field of relaxation. So without further ado, I present to you:


Alice is all about the vaycay (vacation) when on holidays. But if Tahiti or the Mediterranean aren't on your to-do list, try the read-out-loud app, Audible. Alice highly recommends it if you struggle to sit still and finish a book the whole way through. This way you still get the benefit of an exciting narrative, with the freedom of movement (or making a coffee)!


Shayne is like a fish out of water most days - he loves the ocean and recommends using it's tranquility to calm the nerves of busy over-thinkers. Whether it's fishing, snorkelling, diving or swimming, Shayne thinks the water is the bees-knees for relaxation, and you will too!


Char's a total nature lover and exercise lover (she says as she devours a bag of chips). To calm her busy mind from the stresses of deadlines and everyday worries, she loves to walk Bridal Path with our office dog Lou, do yoga or sign up to a local gym class.


KP is the runner of Mint Design. Currently the boys (and Emma) are preparing for the Speight's Coast to Coast, so KP's favourite activity is great for training as well as stress relief. He swears that nothing gets his mind off of things like concentrating on the ground beneath your feet. Try downloading some free running apps for your smartphone to help you get into the mood if you're not big into running to begin with. KP recommends Strava to get your legs pumping!


Emma's a busy mum so her mind (and day) is always full! Her favourite way to unwind is usually exercise - she's also training for the Coast to Coast, so cycling is definitely on the agenda for this summer, as well as surf lessons! Advice from the office: if you're considering taking up cycling, make sure to invest in padded bike shorts, as your derrière will probably suffer!


Our photographer Matt is a massive fan of a game called 'Ingriss'. We don't really know too much about it, but it seems a lot of travelling and discovering of 'portals' in real life is a prominent theme. If you're keen to get out and explore more of New Zealand, Ingriss could be your new addiction these holidays!


Our Digital Designer is the coolest person on the Mint team, without a doubt (no, she is not the one writing this!). This summer I'm planning on writing a lot of music and playing more guitar. I find nothing gets work off my mind faster than a new song or a new chord progression. If music's something you'd like to start, there are some great resources on Youtube for beginners to help you learn.


Dave's a lover of a good television series (aren't we all!). He finds that all other worries and thoughts leave his mind when he's presented with a good plotline. Try starting a new series these holidays, but make sure you leave the lounge at some points during the day! There are some great suggestions on sites such as IMDB, which can suggest shows for you based on your likes.


Nick is a massive fan of summer for one reason - the cricket! He loves to unwind in front of the telly (or a live match if he's lucky!) with a couple of beers and his feet up. He highly recommends this activity if you're stressed - let it all out by cheering for your team!


Thank you to everyone for your continual support over the year.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year, from everyone at the Mint Design office :)

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