If you've ever tried your hand at Google AdWords and advertising across the Google network, you'll know that it's no easy feat. You may have considered your computer to be broken by the crazy jargon (ETA's? STA's? CTR's?), or given up completely when your max CPC's kept rising without any improvements in conversions. That's where an agency comes in handy.

Mint Design are one of only a few digital agencies in Christchurch to hold the prestigious title of Google Premier Partner (a step above the regular Google Partner certification). We have been determined by Google and their strict standards and conditions to be fully qualified in Google advertising across the display and search networks of AdWords, as well as across mobile and tablet devices.

If you're already one of our AdWords clients, it means that the quality and consistency of our work on your accounts has been recognised by Google, and has helped us towards achieving this new title. If you're not already running your AdWords through us, it means you should definitely consider doing so!

Our team of online marketers and designers are constantly researching the latest trends and systems to make the most of your advertising across the Google network. Being a Premier Partner also means we have access to industry data and statistics that standard Google Partners do not, and can tackle the hard-to-answer questions about your Google accounts that may have you baffled.

We also have a Google team in Sydney willing to help us out with new campaign builds, teach us about the latest in Google technology and help with some special Mint Design events, new in 2017!

With new titles comes new opportunities for advancements! This year Mint Design are breaking the barrier between agency and client by hosting events for future and existing clients. The aim of these events is to share our expertise with you, so you don't feel left in the dark and confused when your monthly statistics and results are sent to you. We believe that an agency that's open with their clients has nothing to hide, and more to share!

Are you looking to advertise on Google? We'd love to meet you!

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