IOS14: Everything you need to know

IOS14: Everything you need to know

18 June 2021


Prefer to scan? Here's the video transcript:

The IOS14 update is one of the biggest disruptions to Facebook marketing we've seen in a long time. Marketers all over the globe are seeing advertising costs skyrocket, and conversion rates plummet!

There are 3 important things you need to know so that you don't get caught out by this change. 

Keep watching to double-check whether you've completed all the main steps to stay on top of this latest update, and keep your campaigns up to best practice standards. 

The first thing to do is check that your FB Pixel is correctly set up on your website. The Facebook Pixel Helper tool is a free Chrome Extension (plugin) that you can use to double-check this. You also need to make sure that your website domain is verified within the back-end of your Facebook business manager account.

A big change from IOS14 is that you will need to complete the aggregate events measurement setup. Isn't that a mouthful? This is done through Events Manager, which is also in the back of your Facebook Business Manager account.

This Limits domains to eight conversion events. Most conversions, such as form submission or an email click, only equal one conversion event. A tricky thing for e-commerce clients is that a purchase, or sale, takes up to 4 conversion events total. 

The IOS14 update includes anti-tracking features. People are loving this feature, and are actively taking control of their digital safety by opting out so that marketers like us know less about their behaviour online. 

People will now begin to get asked if apps can track them & their behaviour. Flurry Analytics estimates that 89% of people are declining to be tracked. One thing that most experts are saying is that we're better off acting as if everyone is going to opt-out.

Now you might be wondering, if the majority of people opt out, how do we even track them? Look, things are changing but if you follow these steps, Facebook will soon be able to give you some data to work from and that will put you ahead of the curve. 

I hope this helps, thanks for watching!

Ngā Mihi.

Alice Moore

Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Alice is a content writer by trade and started her marketing-tech career working at a tech export startup. Alice has been responsible for million dollar digital campaign launches and sending email campaigns to global audiences of over 1 million people.

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