Improving your employer brand

Improving your employer brand

17 June 2021

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Kia Ora, I'm Simon from the team here at Mint Design and this is the second part of our series on Employer Branding. 

In this video, I am going to be giving you some tips to improve your Employer Brand and how you might practically do that. 


1. Interweave Employer Branding posts with ones that have already been scheduled

My first tip is to promote the cool things that your organisation does on social media. This could be anything from sharing photos of your team events, photos of your pet-friendly office or, sharing articles and stories that celebrate the great work that you're doing. 

Sharing these things on social media is a great way, not only to engage with your customers but also potential candidates who are looking for a role with your team.

So, takeaway tip number one is - interweave employer branding posts with ones that have already been scheduled. And, make sure that these employer branding posts are being shared across all your social media platforms to ensure they are getting the best reach possible. 


2. Website and careers page

Your website and more especially your careers page is a key part of this employer branding puzzle, as almost every candidate will do a quick google search of your business and check out your website when looking for a role with your organisation.

So, some important things to include on your website are things like an overview of the work you do and your core values as an organisation, your locations of work, what a normal day might look like, and any employee benefits or social activities that you promote. 

But most importantly for candidates, what vacancies do you have open at the moment and how do candidates apply for those vacancies?

All of these are great ways to make sure that any candidate who might be looking at your company has the best experience possible and will hopefully put in an application. 

Takeaway tip number 2? Have a look through your careers site and put yourself in the shoes of a candidate looking for a role with your company. Is it easy to find information about your company, your team, and any vacancies? If you wanted to apply for a position, is it easy for you to do? And can you easily find any selling points that would entice you to apply for a role?


3. Promote the social responsibility initiatives that you do in your organisation

This could be things like supporting the city mission or doing a yearly environmental day by going out and volunteering with a local planting program. It could be anything that you do to support your wider community outside of your core business. 

With a younger generation entering the workforce who are more diverse and have different expectations of their work, corporate responsibility initiatives are becoming more and more important for candidates when they are applying for roles. 

This younger generation not only wants to enjoy their work but also know that their work is having a wider positive impact on their communities. 

So, if you are already doing these things, then you should be promoting these across your social networks and everywhere that you can. Make sure that candidates are aware that you aren't just a company that makes money but that you also are a company that wants to 'do good' as well. 

So, a takeaway tip? If you are already doing great social responsibility work then shout it from the rooftops across your social media and your website too! If you aren't, then I encourage you to do some research into starting a program, there are some great organisations across New Zealand that are always looking for help. 


4. Re-market your organisation and vacancies to candidates

My last tip when you are trying to attract candidates to work for your organisation is to re-market your organisation and vacancies to candidates. 

To quickly explain what remarketing is in case you don't know, it's when you put a message about your organisation in front of someone who has already visited your website, but somewhere else on the web like Stuff or the NZ Herald. 

This can be done in a number of ways but, an example of how this could work for employer branding is encouraging candidates to sign up for email updates of when new vacancies become available in your team. That way, you can promote new vacancies and send out updates about your company to keep candidates interested. It also means that you have a pool of interested candidates that you can call on when a new vacancy becomes available. 

Takeaway tip? Look into setting up email marketing campaigns for interested candidates to let them know when new vacancies come up as well as letting them know of the great work you are doing. 


Those are my top tips for improving your employer brand so you can attract the best talent to your team. 


Thanks for watching!

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