HOW TO: Embed Your 360° Images On Your Website!


You've had a fantastic series of Google 360° images created for your business. But how do you put the amazing, eye-catching new images on your website for everyone to see?

Mint is here to help!

Putting your 360° images on your website is a piece of cake. You can choose where your visitors start your tour (if all your photos join one another) or which 360° image to put on each page. You can also edit the dimensions for your images. Most websites require an 'iFrame' - a special piece of code that pulls your tour across from Google and onto a webpage.



If you'd like to change the starting point of your embedded tour, follow these steps:

One of our team has sent you a link with an embedding code to put on your website in the form of an iframe. Head to your email inbox and locate your go-live email. If you can't find it, search for '[email protected]' in your email search box.

Click on the link that leads you to your album of online images on Google - it will be the first link in your go-live email. 



Click on the image you'd like to be embedded.

ResizedImage600403 minty pointing



Explore your tour and admire the photography! Once you've found the tour position where you want people to start, locate the black box in the top left corner of your screen.

ResizedImage600298 Screen Shot 2017 04 06 at 1.34.52 pm

Click on the icon in this box that looks like three little dots, and select 'Share and Embed Image.'



A small share/embed window will pop up. Click on ‘Embed Image’. Click on the drop down and select ‘Large’. If you're familiar with your website backend, feel free to select 'Custom' and change the dimensions to your desired size.

Select all the code that starts with “<iframe…..” and copy it.



You now have your iframe! You can make as many of these as you like, and the code won't break if you choose to make more. Place your iframe into the corresponding area in your backend, and voila! Your tour is now displayed in all of it's beauty!


If you need assistance with the above, or other online marketing strategies, get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you.


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