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So you have a Google Virtual Tour, and your online presence has increased. But how do you get it onto social media? We are here to help! There are two main ways to put your tour onto your Facebook Business Page - as a single 360° image post, or as a permanent Page Tab.


We can create a special 360° photo from a single position in your Google Virtual Tour. This can then be used in a post to create instant impact and ‘wow’ with your followers as it pops up in their feeds!

We recently created some Facebook images for Accor Hotels. You can see it for yourself here

Each 360° image can be made for $300. If you would like to get your own Facebook 360 done, get in touch with us now to make it happen!



Uploading it to Facebook is super simple! We've already created your image to the right dimensions for Facebook to recognise it as a 360° image - all you have to do is post it to your page as if you were posting a regular photo, and Facebook will do the rest. They do take a little longer to load than regular photos though, so make sure to be patient. 


You can also include the full Google Virtual Tour on your Facebook Page as a Page Tab - just like the ones they already have such as ‘Posts’, ‘Photos’, ‘Reviews’, etc.

The benefit of embedding your tour permanently is that customers can view the entire Virtual Tour and walk around - the same as they can on Google.

To get maximum impact and engagement of your Google Virtual Tour on Facebook, we recommend using a combination of both.

Would you like to get a Google Virtual Tour Tab on your Facebook? Read on below for a full guide on how to add the tour yourself for free. We can always do this for you for a small fee if you'e not sure how to do it. 


First, find the go-live email sent from our team members at Mint. Once found, click on the hyperlink we've given that leads you to your online album of Google 360's.

(If you can't find your go-live email easily, search through your inbox for 

Click on the image you'd like to embed, and rotate until you have the exact position you want people to see.

In the top left you will see a little information box, and an image of three dots. Click this, then ‘Share or Embed image’.

A small share/embed window will pop up. Click on ‘Embed Image’. Click on the drop down and select ‘Large’.

Select all the code (the stuff starting with “<iframe…..”) and copy it.

Now we need to head over to Facebook. Make sure you are already logged in under your Business Facebook account before proceeding. Click here, and on the page that comes up click ‘Add Static HTML to a Page’.

Click on the drop down menu labelled ‘Facebook Pages’, and select your business page. Then click ‘Add Page Tab’.

You will now be taken to your business page, and have a new tab labelled ‘Welcome’. You will also see a ‘Set up tab ->’. Click here.

In the text box, select all the current text and delete it.

Then paste the code you copied earlier in Step 7 (yes, that stuff that started with “<iframe…..”). It will look similar to the below (but not identical).

Click on ‘Actions’, and select ‘Edit name and Image’.

Where it says ‘Tab Name’, enter what you would like the Tab to be called. We recommend simply ‘360° Virtual Tour’. Then click ‘Save tab name’.

One last step! Click ‘Save & Publish’.

You are all done! Now you will see on your page a brand new, shiny tab! If you click on this, it will take you to your fully functional Google Virtual Tour inside of your Facebook Business Page.

If you need assistance with the above, or any other aspect of your online marketing, be sure to get in touch with us here at Mint Design. 


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