Communicating your post-lockdown plans with your customers

Communicating your post-lockdown plans with your customers

19 April 2020

Alert levels 2 and 3 are on the horizon and now is the time to start communicating your post lockdown plans to your customers so they know what to expect. 


Your customers want to know these things:

  • When you intend to be open (e.g. during alert level 3).
  • What safety precautions you'll be taking to keep them safe.
  • Any changes to your hours or the ways that you work. 
  • For face-to-face services that require bookings like hairdressers and beauticians, let your customers know how and when they can book you. 

For example, a hair salon might email their client base and say that they intend to open at level 2. They'll be wearing masks and sanitising surfaces between clients. They will be having special mornings for elderly and at-risk clients who need additional reassurance. They're taking tentative bookings now for mid-May. If alert level 2 isn't in place then, bookings are postponed with no fees.

In most cases, it's perfectly appropriate to communicate via an email newsletter or bulk text, but you may have some clients who you should pick up the phone and speak with directly. 

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Alice Moore

Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Alice is a content writer by trade and started her marketing-tech career working at a tech export startup. Alice has been responsible for million dollar digital campaign launches and sending email campaigns to global audiences of over 1 million people.

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