Ads so effective it's scary!

Ads so effective it's scary!

01 December 2020


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With over 200,000 daily visitors to, it's pretty clear that Kiwi's rely on MetService weather forecasts to be ready for their day or plan their business activity. At Mint, we're finding that advertising on MetService is scarily effective! Let me tell you about it. 

Hey guys, I'm Alice, Director of Communications and one of the Co-Founders here at Mint. MetService isn't just the place you can go to check if you need to water the garden, decide what you should wear, or plan your weekend leisure activities. It's also a bloody good place to market and grow your business. 

MetService has a very cool engine that integrates with our marketing systems so that now you can show different ads, depending on the weather delivering you better targeting and better results, fast.

For example, let's say you are a clothing store, we can have ads that display shorts, t-shirt, and sun hats on hot days, and jackets and sweaters on cool days. Or, raincoats when it's pouring. You can have this setup nationwide so that if it's fine in Auckland, they see your sunny day ads, and if it's cold in Christchurch, you guessed it, they see your "cold day" ads.

We can also target different ad creatives to different genders and age groups so that men see menswear, women see womenswear. I'd love to see a clothing brand use an ad creative saying something like 'need another layer?' and playing it to the fact that MetService suggests how many layers we should be wearing based on the temperature.

I dunno about you guys, but the weather definitely affects my eating habits. We are currently planning a campaign for a restaurant chain that will show ads for cold beer and nachos and people dining outside on a hot, sunny day. And, on a cold day, the ads will feature red wine and steak by the fire. And because we can show different ads to different genders, we can maybe show females ads with chicken breast, while we show men ads for ribs. No gender-based assumptions from me, data shows that these purchasing habits are common for men and women.

Now, these weather-triggered ads are great for inducing some impulse-buying and they really give people a justification for buying from you. People love a good excuse for purchasing decisions so let's give the people what they want. These ads are pretty clever. We can also do ad targeting based on things like snow levels, wind speed, moisture levels - great for anyone who sells heat pumps or retrofitting double glazing maybe?

Another trigger for the ads that we can program is for pollen levels so if you have treatment for hayfever, or if you have an indoor venue to get people inside and out of the pollen, this targeting could really help you, and cure pain points for customers. 

Oh and we can do ads based on tides so the likes of Hunting and Fishing would love this - that'd be a good client for us! Or boating companies can get ads that say something like 'Tides up, suns out, get 30% off outboard motors'/

If you think this could help your business, we'd love to chat about how we might help. We'll put the details on screen. Get in touch, no cheesy sales tactics from us. Just cool ideas and collaboration. Thanks for watching.

Alice Moore

Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Alice is a content writer by trade and started her marketing-tech career working at a tech export startup. Alice has been responsible for million dollar digital campaign launches and sending email campaigns to global audiences of over 1 million people.

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