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Mint Design Awarded Google Premier Partner Status

Mint Design Awarded Premier Partner Status From Google

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Recap Of Our Google Premier Partner Connect Event, Sydney

A Recap Of Mint Design's Recent Google Partner Connect Meeting In Australia. Interested In A Christchurch Event? Register Your Interest Here.

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Get On Top Of Instagram's New Update!

The New Instagram Feature That Can Help Your Brand

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Mint Design Handpicked For Exclusive Google Partner Event

Mint Design Will Be Speaking At A Free Marketing Seminar Held By Google In Sydney. Find Out More Here!

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Facebook Trends Of 2017

Make The Most Of Your Facebook Advertising By Following These Trends!

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Tips to help you relax these holidays

Do you struggle to relax during the summer holidays? Let Team Mint give you some helpful tips!

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Be Prepared To Brave The Holiday Season

The Christmas period can be scarily busy! Be prepared to brave the season with our handy tips.

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Get Your Street View Tour On Facebook!

So you have a Google Street View | Trusted Tour and your online presence has skyrocketed. What's next?

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How To: Embed Your Google Tour on Your Website

So you have a Google Street View | Trusted Tour and your online presence has skyrocketed. What's next?

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3 Slightly Creepy Ways To Bring Your Customers Back

Want to know how to get customers coming back to your site? Read on for our Halloween blog!

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Poke-marketing - Marketing From 90’s Nostalgia

The latest craze for smartphone owners involves a whole lot of '90's nostalgia and a massive rise in foot traffic. What does this mean for you as a marketer?

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Facebook’s Latest Layout Change - What It Means For You

Facebook's newest layout updates make it even easier for company branding. How can these changes help you?

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shopping cart abandoners

How To Convert Cart Abandoners

The issue of cart abandonment is one that almost every e-commerce and online retailer faces at least once. Read on to find out why this abandonment happens and what steps you can take to reduce it.

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The Latest Google Layout Change (And What It Means For You)

Google's February 2016 layout change has some dramatic ramifications for advertisers. Find out whether you'll be affected and what your business can do about it.

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Giving Canterbury Air Rescue Trust A Lift

One of our most recent exploits landed us in the news! came to chat to our team when they found out we were providing a Google Street View | Trusted tour for the Canterbury & West Coast Air Rescue Trust.

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What being a Google Partner means

Google Partners is a specialised platform for digital marketing professionals, online consultants and advertising agencies. Mint Design, as a Google Certified Partner, has access to special training, study materials and exams, industry research, events and Google AdWords product updates.

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Understanding the Psychology of Web Design

While aspects such as mobile-responsiveness, functionality and SEO are important in the creation of your website design, so too is understanding the psychology of web design.

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The Importance of Web Design to achieve real sales

Did you know that 48% of website visitors use the design to determine if your entire business is credible? And 94% of visitors will leave a badly designed website without engaging, contacting or making a sale?

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Mobile friendly is now a must

In the last few years mobile responsiveness has been considered a bit of a luxury – as of this now, it is a necessity – for brands, businesses and websites alike.

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Should you hire an SEO Agency?

The decision of whether or not you should hire an SEO agency for your business is often confusing and overwhelming.

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What comes first? The look or the functionality?

Designing a website involves a balancing act - balancing aesthetics, function and substance. But which comes first? The design/look or the function?

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The hub of your business - your website

In the days before eCommerce, mobile devices and the Internet, the workshop or the shop or the office was the hub of our businesses. Times have changed.

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How to choose the right website platform

Choosing a platform and CMS (Content Management System) for your business website can be an overwhelming experience. With so many to choose from - WordPress, Magento, SilverStripe, Squarespace - to name but a few - how do you go about choosing the right one?

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The Rise of mCommerce

There are two separate and interesting aspects to the rise of mobile commerce. Firstly, where games have traditionally dominated the apps arena, the future of apps lies not in what consumers will be able to play, but what they are able to buy via apps.

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Granted, creating an email campaign may not be as exciting as posting to Instagram or Twitter but in terms of reaching prospective clients, it wins hands down.

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Upwardly Responsive

Much of the talk over the past few years has be centred around mobile responsiveness, the need for websites to acknowledge and automatically adapt to smaller and smaller screen sizes.

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4 Top Issues that could be causing a Negative Website-user Experience

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, keeping them there is something else entirely. When a visitor lands on your site, you have literally seconds to engage them.

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How Different Fonts make you Feel

One of the best web trends of 2015 is the more creative use of typography but before you go a little crazy, it’s worth remembering that different fonts make us all feel a different way.

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What we can learn from the biggest Social Media gaffes of 2014

Managing your social media and digital presence may seem like an easy task but it’s worth keeping in mind that any mistake can be noticed and go viral in a matter of minutes, causing immense damage to your brand and your business.

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2015 Trends

Mint Design's Trends for Creative Design 2015

With 2015 already well on its way, Mint Design presents some of our predictions for creative design trends in the coming year.

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email design marketing services

3 Most Important Email Marketing Metrics for small business marketers!

It really comes down to three metrics that all paint a pretty clear picture of how your email marketing is working..

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Responsive Web Design Agencies

Mint’s Guide to Responsive Web Design & its Problems

The benefits of responsive web design are more than clear to most website designers today – it’s simply the best option to getting terrific user experience across a multitude of devices.

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Social Media marketing mintdesignnz

Social Media Marketing: 3 Metrics that Every Marketer Should Consider

Most business owners today are starting to understand that in order to stay relevant and reach different audiences of potential customers, social media is simply a must-have marketing tool.

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Online Conversion

3 Mint Tips on UX for Better Online Conversions

The number one goal when developing a business website is not to make it beautiful, not to make it unique and not even to make it easy to navigate.
The only goal any sound business should be focused on is converting a prospect into a customer.

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X Mas Email Marketing

Mint’s Guide on How to Prepare Your Email Marketing for Christmas

Although most people are still busy trying to come up with the perfect Halloween costume or stocking up on their candy supply, savvy marketers might as well be putting up their Christmas tree, because in order to stay afloat in the ever so competitive online marketing world one has to be thinking a few steps ahead.

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How to Create a Great User Experience with Responsive Design

How to Create a Great User Experience with Responsive Design

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the constantly shifting online world – new trends are rising every year that often completely change the marketing landscape and thus require businesses to always keep an eye out for new opportunities.

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Email in mobile

Mint’s Guide to Animated GIFs in Email

It’s been a long time since moving pictures were a novel concept. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any creative ways to use them for your marketing purposes anymore.

It’s been a long time since moving pictures were a novel concept. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any creative ways to use them for your marketing purposes anymore.

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Consumer behaviour

Can Graphic Design Alter Consumer Behaviour for the Better?

Companies are often blindsided by our continuous pursuit of higher profits, to an extent that many of them can actually miss out entirely on new trend developments that could potentially open up the company to brand new markets or at least help it maintain its current status.

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Mints Guide to Responsive Web Design its Problems

Responsive Website vs. Native Mobile App: Pros & Cons

For those who want some guidance on which path to pursue, here are some of the main pros and cons of both of these approaches that might help you get a better idea.

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4 Mint Tips to Get You Started with Responsive Web Design

4 Mint Tips to Get You Started with Responsive Web Design

The number of mobile users surfing the web is rapidly growing with each year, so if your website is going to stand any chance against the fierce as ever competition, you better be prepared to accept visitors with all devices and make their experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

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Minty Ice bucket Challenge

4 Marketing Lessons We Learned from ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It can sometimes be hard to watch the efforts by some companies to create a new trend or at least get some attention online – fabricated videos, predictable tricks or fake news reports do nothing more than make the company ridiculed after the stunt is quickly exposed.

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confirmation email mintdesign nz

3 Mint Tips for Creating a Great Confirmation Email

With all the parts that go into crafting a good email marketing campaign online, it’s easy to forget something as seemingly simple as the confirmation email – after all, it’s just a formality to make sure that the subscriber is real, right?

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Typography Affecting UX

Does Typography affect your UX?

There’s a constant debate going on between marketers and developers trying to decide what the most important aspects of a successful website are.

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3 Mint Email Marketing Tips to Get Benefits from Gmail Users 2

3 Mint Email Marketing Tips to Get Benefits from Gmail Users

If you’re doing email campaigns, there’s a big chance that most of your subscribers will be using Gmail, so you have to make sure you know all the important parts of catering to them.

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Social Media Trends

3 Social Media Trends for New Marketers

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the different things going on in the many different social media platforms – there will always be new features in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others, so you have your work cut out staying on top of everything when trying to have success with marketing in Christchurch.

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Facts on Responsive Web Design

3 Fascinating Facts about Responsive Web Design

The online world has finally reached the point when it is starting to appreciate the benefits a well-integrated, responsive web design can have, compared with having separate websites for PC and smartphone users.

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We Updated Our Website!

Get the insider scoop on our latest and greatest version of our website.

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Instagram Rolls Out New Web Profiles: Now What?

A couple of days ago, mobile photo-sharing juggernaut Instagram announced their plan to adapt user photos and data into web-based profiles. Reminiscent of a more image-heavy Facebook timeline, the new Instagram profiles – which are scheduled for rollout over the next few days – will feature each user’s profile photo and bio along with their shared content.

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Obama's Victory Tweet: What He Did Right

22 minutes. That was all the time it took for US President Barack Obama's now-famous victory tweet to become the single most popular tweet in history. In roughly the same time it takes to watch an episode of your average sitcom (minus commercials), the tweet managed to amass a record 226,249 retweets.

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06 hurricane

The Web in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday saw the final hours of Hurricane Sandy, the record-breaking tropical cyclone that racked up more than $25 billion worth of damages across the US East Coast and the neighbouring states.

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Charging Your Mobile Phone Wirelessly

A BBC show recently showed that you can actually charge your mobile phones wirelessly. It is literally amazing to behold, you place a phone on top of a flat surface it lights up, it charges right in front of you without the need to look for an electrical outlet and put in a charger. There were some questions about how efficient this charging method was over the more conventional plugging over the main. And there was a 95% efficiency that was comparable to that of conventional charging. Imagine that, all you need to do is put your phone down on a surface with a Wi-Fi logo design and it charges all on its own.

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03 windows

Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s New Phone Release

An event in San Francisco marked Microsoft announcement of their latest mobile software, the Windows Phone 8 which Microsoft will be releasing in the fall, the new phone software will basically run on the same os as their pc and tablets, giving the company a greater leverage over a whole range of computing devices.

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Our iPhone Competition Results

For all the social media geeks out there, or the business owners or marketing managers who are interested to know the stats behind our iPhone competition, here they are:

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3 Key Ways Street View | Trusted Could Help Your Business

Street View | Trusted is one of many Google services quickly gaining traction among businesses as well as the general public. Find out our favourite things about this innovative service!

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Mint Design Makes The Deloitte Fast 500!

Mint Design were included in the top 500 fastest growing tech companies in the Asia Pacific region in 2015. Read more here!

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SilverStripe Partnership Blog Image

Mint Design Announce SilverStripe Partnership

We're incredibly proud to announce that Mint Design are now SilverStripe Professional Partners - that makes us one of just seven agencies in New Zealand.

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4 Reasons We Love Office Foosball

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Mint Design office, we like to do things a little differently. This includes a rousing game of office foosball every now and again!

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keywords Blog Post

The Opportunity Cost Of Neglecting Branded Keywords

The debate over whether or not to target branded keywords is a common one among our clients. Find out our stance on the matter here!

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